Incubation is a process which tends to be activated whenever there is a need to support entrepreneurs in developing their own business. The process, or parts of it, is put in place whenever there is a need of nurturing would‐be entrepreneurs to think over and further develop the business idea and transforming it into a viable and sustainable activity.

There are two stages of incubation.

Incubation Process


  •  Ideation Process
  •  Developing Business Model Canvas
  •  Group Mentoring Sessions
  •  Training on Effective pitching
  •  Developing Minimum Viable Product
  •  Managing early phases of financing
  •  Early stage market research and idea validation


  •  Physical Space
  •  FAB Lab
  •  Legal & regulatory related
  •  Bookkeeping and accounting Consultancy
  •  Website and Mobile App development
  •  RBL – Bank account
  •  Financial support in the form of access to stipend/grants (10 Lakhs)


  •  Thrust area equipment support
  •  Connecting to OEM for first sale
  •  DST – Seed Support System – 50 Lakhs Seed loan
  •  Industry expert mentoring
  •  Testing & Product Certification
  •  Cloud credit with Amazon, Zoho and Google


  •  Fund raising Techniques
  •  Visibility / Media
  •  Marketing techniques
  •  Connecting to VC/Angel Investors



Vel Tech TBI nurtures technology ventures through their start-up phase by providing all the support necessary to help entrepreneurs establish themselves before they scale up their ventures. Vel Tech TBI seeks to support entrepreneurs translating innovations into products and services that are commercially viable.


Year Support Achievements
2010 Established TBI supported by NSTEDB-DST to establish Incubation and waste management facility. ● Along with DST, Institute sponsors land, building and 3 Cr fund to establish the TBI
2013 Established Full-fledged e-waste, Bio- waste and Additive manufacturing facility. ● 12 Start-ups were supported (5 were students entrepreneurs)
● 8000 people were sensitized the importance of waste disposal
2015 NSTEDB -DST- Seed Support to Incubatees. ● So far supported 15 startups with the seed loan of Rs.20-30 Lakhs. Among these, 2 were Vel tech Student entrepreneurs.
2017 NSTEDB-NIDHI CoE with funding to nurture entrepreneurs. Established Manufacturing, PCB, 3D Printing, AI Super Computer Centre of Excellence) ● Product development supports- 200 Students + 50 Research Faculty
● Connected MSME clusters to use and get engaged with expert faculty
● Associated with SIDCO, AIMA and ACMA units
2018 NIDHI PRAYAS: funding (idea to Prototype grant) ● Scheme Supported idea stage innovation.
● Total of 26 ideas / 8 ideas are from students with Rs.5-10 Lakhs grant.
2020 MeitY TIDE 2.0: funding (idea to Prototype grant) ● Financial supports for ICT innovations
2021 Startup India Seed Fund Rs. 5.0 Cr ● Easy Availability of Capitals to Startups
● Disbursed Rs. 2.0 Cr
The performance of this institute with respect to the promotion of entrepreneurship activities is presented below as a case of evidence: 226+ Incubatees Registered, 50+ in Pre-Incubation 600+ members in Veltech TBI Ecosystem 45+ Mentors (International and National) / Startup Coaches 40+ 15 Strategic Partners (Google Cloud credits, Amazon credits, ZOHO Apps for business, RBL/BOB/DBS bank account, Paytm, Resileo Labs, YNOS venture engine, Effitrac, Stanford seed spark, Wadhwani Foundation, Math works, Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Kauvery Hospital)
32 IPs and 8 International Journal Papers 50+ Awards & Recognitions for Vel Tech TBI Incubatees Best Incubator Award at Anna University, 2018 3 Major Programs of Govt of India being anchored by Vel Tech TBI
30+ Conferences as Host, Speaker, Exhibitors, Panelists, Delegates 8000+ people trained by Veltech TBI on various training programs, workshops 500+ permanent jobs and 1500+ temporary jobs created by Vel Tech TBI Incubatees 6 Thrust areas / Centers of Excellence created with state-of- the-art machines
15+ Event/Support Partners (Institutional Bodies/Association) 40+ Media Coverage & 100+ Social Media Imprints of Vel Tech TBI and Incubatees 13 Angel Investors and VC’s as part of Investor Collaboration Hackathons, Pitch- fests, Innovation Showcase, Demo days
Startups Total Revenue Generated (FY 2020-21) 4+ Crores External Investments Raised 6+ Crores Valuation of Startup 70+ Crores External Entrepreneurs 90%
Startup Success Rate 30% Cohort from Stanford University / Wadhwani Foundation - Regularly 2 nd Biggest in Incubatee enrolment, Support, Job creation, Infrastructu re etc. next to IIT Madras. Tie-up with SIDCO to help MSME/ Collaborated with major institutions like Institute of Directors, SPIN Chennai, FICCI Tamil Nadu State Council, ISC-2, Cyber Society of India, Wsquare for various initiatives / conferences
Veltech TBI start-ups getting global recognition (Startup grind, Google ventures, Forbes Magazine etc) Collaborated with media like “The New Indian Express and Nanaya Vikatan” to feature the various incubation related activities, Conferences, stories about start- ups etc Partnered with Indus try Asso ciatio n – ACM A, AIM A, SIDC O & TID CO Knowledge Partner with EDII


Start-up Incubate

Vel Tech TBI provides space, funding, mentoring, networking, training etc. to startup Incubates. Conducting training programs relating to various components of entrepreneurship including technology, innovation, GST, Finance, E-commerce, Digital transformation, Bio-incubation, Product management etc wherein one can participate as a trainer or attend as a trainee delegate.

Thrust Area Equipment Support to Incubates

Equipment Support subsidized rates includes Digital services & Products (Centre of Excellence on AI / ML / DL), 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, E-waste & Plastic waste management, Core Manufacturing, bio technology, Automobile Technology, Renewable Energy, Agriculture Unmanned Aerial Technology etc.


Since the incubates are potentially the seeds of future large enterprises, partners like Google, Amazon and others are providing various offers to help the startups to survive and scale. In future these startups will be major evangelists of those who helped them with great.

Financial Support to Incubatees

Financial Support Rs 50.00 lakhs, the start–ups would be supported primarily on the following from the seed support Product development, Testing and Trials, Test Marketing, Mentoring, Professional Consultancy, IPR issues, Manpower for day to day operations .


If you have long experience of industry experience, domain/ technology expertise, one can be enrolled as a mentor to Vel Tech TBI incubates.


Be connected with Vel Tech TBI and evangelize the various elements of TBI to the social media contacts in Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc...


Since Vel Tech TBI contains various interesting ideas and business models, one can be an investor on some of these ideas

Customer of Our Incubatees Products and Services

Incubatees are rendering various products and services to the world and one can be a potential user of some of the products and services originating from Vel Tech TBI startups.

TBI Services - 100% GST Exempted

As declared by the GST council, TBI supported by DST/DBT are exempted from GST for their services. Hence ours is exempted. Taxable services, provided or to be provided, by a Technology Business Incubator or a Science and Technology Enterpreneurship Park recognised by the Nation Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of india or bio-incubators recognised by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistant Council, under the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

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